Supposedly that you simply have packed your belongings, bought your price ticket, and you're all prepared and excited to start your new journey in Tozeur.
Since it's your 1st time there, you may question many things concerning the destination that you simply square measure willing to go to.

Worry no more! during this article we'll give you with golden tips and knowledge you would like to grasp before you move to Tozeur.

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Tozeur ranks among the foremost well-liked tourer destinations in geographic area, due to a numerous tourism facility that options an expansion of comfortable
building accommodations and appealing leisure facilities like golf courses that unit of measurement placed between the dunes and palm trees, the internationally renowned repository Dar Chraiet and distinctive natural landscapes (a massive and exquisite palm grove, mountain oasis and waterfalls).


Tozeur was an important stop for travelers crossing the Sahara, providing an area to rest and refuel before continuing deeper into the desert. it had been conjointly a very important Roman outpost, and it's since been dominated by a range of tribes, together with the Berbers, UN agency have had probably the best sway on the city's historic design.


Tozeur is famous for the superior quality of its dates, especially the "Deglet Ennour" selection.Tozeur's oasis has over 3 million palm trees, together with four hundred within the town, however conjointly two hundred waterfalls. It's enclosed by dunes and a marble desert. alongside refissa (an original mixture of creamy dates and salt-cured butter), shakshuka (lamb medium in an exceedingly spicy sauce served with a standard multigrain bread referred to as mtabga.), and barkouks (a sort of couscous fancy with meat and tiny dried fish.)


In Tozeur , the sky is your limit once it involves activities that you simply will relish doing alone or along with your friends and family. You can, for instance, go quad biking within the Ong Jmal dunes, or land cruise on the Chott El-Jerid.
You may conjointly trek through the Atlas Mountains or enjoy the local music played in the Sahara and therefore the delicious ancient dinner whereas you're gazing at stars.

Written By Tabaani

Thursday 1,2023