Traveling is one of the most exciting experiences that everyone wants to live to
the fullest and make it exceptional and unforgettable.

You may be wondering and hesitating to find a destination worthy of your money and time. That is why, with Tozeur Land of Adventure, we have come to make things easier for you : Take your seats and fasten your seatbelts because, ladies and gentlemen, we will be flying to Tozeur ; The perfect desert oasis that will take your breath away.

As it is known, Tozeur has been an attractive destination for its richness and
beauty of its natural resources that is a magnificent combination between the
magical desert and a sprawling palm grove that pierces the desert sand with a sea of green that is called Chatt Djerid.

Once we land in Tozeur, you will not be clueless about what places you should
visit. Instead, you will be in safe hands with our local hosts there who are so
welcoming and heartwarming. To start the journey off, we will take you to the
southern east side of Tozeur where its famous oasis is located,you will
discover a small museum dedicated to date palms in the oasis' northern section named Eden Palm. You will be fascinated by the life cycle of date palms, from seeding to cultivation, as well as highlighting the date palm's numerous uses, ranging from furniture to food.

After that, we will move to the famous old town named Ouled Hadef where you will notice the uniqueness of the Tozeur's traditional architecture. It features beautiful decorative brick facades with complex designs. Since tozeur has mostly a warm climate, the top floors of the houses extend across the street to connect with houses on the other side, establishing covered-bridge pathways between houses and providing residents with shade from the harsh sun. If you are a Star Wars fan, then you have come to the right place that is Ong Jmal.
It's an odd place, with the tower houses left to filth and other atmospheric pieces from the movie set left in place. To reach Ong Jmal, you must ride here using a 4WD vehicle, which is an epic journey of its own. In addition, some dune driving is made to please visitors who aren't fans of the site's film.

For more fun and after enjoying the delicious local food of Tozeur, we will take
you to have an exceptional tour with the historic lizard rouge train that took off
from Metlaoui to Redeyef passing through the craggy, orange-hued cliffs of the Selja Gorge. The train route travels at a glacial pace through the desert mountain landscape, with a few photo stops along the way where you can take memorable pictures of the paradisal view.

Isn't it true that all of these sounds are appealing? So, what are you holding out for? Bring your suitcase and belongings to Tozeur and let the fun begin, because Tabaani always travels differently!

Written By Tabaani

Thursday 11,2022