If you assume that the MENA region cannot provide you with an exceptional and pleasurable vacation, you are mistaken because you have no idea about Tozeur.

Take your seat and fasten your seatbelt because we are about to take you to this awesome place to discover it.

Once we arrive there, you will be amazed and even surprised by the variety of
activities that you can enjoy during your journey in Tozeur. So let the fun begin!

As a first activity, our locals will take you to visit the Tamerza wrecks for a
stunning view of the surrounding mountains. You can hike through the beautiful scenery, discover rich history and dip your hands into the clear pools of water to observe how the beautiful green oasis is fed by majestic waterfalls.

Later, you will be invited to see the actual filming locations of your favorite intergalactic epic : Star Wars. You can travel between attractions in a private, air- conditioned 4WD vehicle, getting up close and personal with Luke Skywalker's home, the streets of Mos Espa , and the Yardangs where Qui-Gonn and Darth Maul's Jedi fight in Episode 1 was filmed.

For the following day of your trip, you can enjoy an amazing excursion to the
mountain oasis, where you explore and take breathtaking pictures of the
freshwater springs, waterfalls, and turquoise streams.

You can finish your day by having a magical overnight luxury in Tunisia Sahara Desert Safari by 4x4 where you can have your delicious dinner beneath the stars.

The meals are mostly traditional Bedouin specialties. After your meal, you may sit around the bonfire and gaze up at the stars before making your way to your
Berber tent nestled inside the camp where you can find a comfortable mattress, pillows, and blanket are prepared for you. Take this golden opportunity of this camp where you will adore spending the night in the middle of the desert.

Then, what are you waiting for? Pack your belongings, purchase your tickets, and start your journey!

Written By Tabaani

Sunday 11,2022